A band playing every Tuesday at the same venue for over a decade is almost unheard of. “Last Stand at Dodge” follows the lives of four gifted musicians who struggle to maintain their residency after playing once a week at the same local club in Salem, MA for 13 years. Fats Hammond, a funk/jazz legacy band, grew a fanatic following on Tuesday nights. But ultimately, the survival of Fats Hammond was at the mercy of its pixilated opportunistic owner. The future is cast into serious doubt as band and owner struggle to keep the music flowing and club alive.

“Last Stand at Dodge” stars local musicians Ken Clark, Martin Anthony Rowen, Mike Mele and Benny Benson. Director, Beth Cloutier, wanted to show the important contribution musicians provide community. Cloutier said, “Local musicians tend to be taken for granted and through ‘Last Stand at Dodge’ I hope to shed some light on the grind they endure, the passion and love for their craft and their contribution to culture in the community.”


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Producer/Director/Writer: Beth Cloutier
Producer/Composer: Scott Kesner
Producer: Richard Salazar

Mark Killian
Jessica Egmont
Daniel Villanueva
Nate Brown

Editor: Beth Cloutier
Supervising sound editor/Dialogue editor: Daniel Raphael


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